Huawei Ads


Huawei is one of the leading global providers of information and communications technology and its specified smart devices. These have been so well designed and integrated within each other that they form a seamless, user friendly eco-system within itself. Over 700 million people globally use Huawei devices and it has about 500 million monthly active users on AppGallery, the world’s third largest app store. This amounts to a significant number of potential customers for your business.


Huawei being an ecosystem by itself has its own ads and marketing systems. HUAWEI ADS is a paid presentation service that aims to build the communication bridge between partners and Huawei device users. It is a mobile marketing platform specifically tailored for these devices. A wide range of third party and Huawei apps have integrated Huawei ads that enables the advertisements to be displayed on the Huawei app gallery, display and search networks.

When it comes to strategizing these campaigns, Huawei offers us full control of our choice of target audience and other specifics.

We at opalflag are proud to say that Huawei Ad campaigns are one of our strong USPs and we are experts at optimizing this sophisticated platform. Huawei ads offer precise targeting and help reach untapped audiences with higher rate of conversion, powerful ad placements and performance results.


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